Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in AtmaVishwas. We will be expanding on these points but following should get you started.

Information for Writers
We are trying to do something different here. As a writer you must have a unique view of the world and must bring your perspective on where things are going. We care about ideas but we give slightly more importance to the future. Little bit of research will go a long way in making your case. Brief overview on why anybody should care about your ideas will help.

What types of books are you in the market for?
We are interested in a variety of topics as long as they have a strong aspirational and positive slant. We are biased towards science fiction (more of near-future variety), new thought, new politics, subaltern themes and appealing to global Indian diaspora.

How can I submit manuscript?
For now you can send us message using Facebook Page and we will get in touch with you.

Why are we writing in English here?
Long answer but we are working on converting this site into bilingual blog.

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